Rafael Valdivia

  • Current company Pobre Juan
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Food & Beverage

Sociedade Grand Vivant (SGV) is looking to build the leading chain of high quality steakhouses, with their venture Pobre Juan. With its own integrated beef distributor, Pobre Juan can guarantee the highest “grade A” before from all over the world. Pobre Juan and its meat distributor, Prime Cater, exist under a single holding company, SGV.

Luiz Marsaioli is a serial entrepreneur with his love of food at the crux of every venture. After graduating from university in 2000, he started a food venture. His childhood friend, Rafael Valdivia, started his own gold trading FX business at the age of 16, and went on to finance after graduating from university. While at this job he met Cristiano Melles, who left the fund to work on a F&B related businesses.

In 2004, Luiz, Rafael, Cristiano, and six other partners decided to start Pobre Juan as a project to feed their friends and family with top-quality steak. As the company grew, the four entrepreneurs (who bought out their families and friends to consolidate operational control) launched Prime Cater. This both supplied Pobre Juan locations and grew into a B2B business line for additional restaurants.
Pobre Juan serves high-quality steaks with cutting-edge global recipes, inside impeccably decorated restaurants.

The company’s combination of quality food, trendy ambiance, and customer service have established a strong brand name and distinguished the chain. The entrepreneurs have created economies of scale by vertically integrating Pobre Juan and Prime Cater.

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