Rafael Bottós

  • Current company Welle Laser
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Smart City

Hoping to dominate a niche market in the manufacturing sector, Welle is innovating the Brazilian laser-cutting industry by providing reliable and efficient equipment to clients that will, in turn, provide better products and services to consumers. Currently, most laser machines on the market are needlessly expensive and energy-consuming. Welle manufactures cost-effective, durable, and precise laser cutting, tracing and cleaning machines that better fit the needs of most of the firms it serves. Barely six years-old, Welle is already Brazil’s leading laser technology supplier, with clients including Whirlpool, Bosch, and Petrobras, among others.

Welle offers four easy-to-use and durable machines featuring modular designs that are inspired by how toy LEGO structures are assembled. The company’s laser marking machines offer a power range of 500W to 2kW, allowing clients to achieve exactly the level of precision they require. Welle has developed laser cutting and welding machines, which it optimizes with proprietary software and maintenance services.

Early rounds of seed funding enabled Welle to secure large clients and build its infrastructure, which has paid dividends shown by the company’s annual growth rate of over 100%. The company secured a 20% share of the Brazilian domestic market for laser marking just six years after its founding, situating it as the sector’s leading company. The innovative company has won honors including the best tech company in Brazil and the National Medal of Knowledge, Brazil’s highest science and tech honor, awarded by the National Industry Council.

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