Philipp Brinkmann

  • Current company Tripsta
  • Location Greece
  • Industry Consumer Services

Tripsta is becoming a top European Online Travel Agency. By consolidating flight, ferry, and train options in an easy to search, minimalist interface, Tripsta helps travelers quickly find what they are looking for.

Philipp Brinkmann, founder and CEO of Tripsta, is not stranger to the world of travel. Born to a Greek mother and German father, he was exposed to both cultures from an early-age. He was always a hands-on student who looked for practical applications for his studies. He chose to attend the Munich Business School because of the high percentage of entrepreneurs among its alumni. While at MBS he spent semesters in London and Madrid.

The idea for Tripsta emerged while Philipp was vacationing in Greece. When they arrived in Athens, they had difficulties finding ferry tickets and had to stay in the capital longer than planned. With online travel already a mature business model in most Western European countries, Philipp and his friend Kristof Keim saw an opportunity to capture the Greek market.

Tripsta provides a user-friendly, comprehensive online and mobile platform for travelers to book flights, ferries, and trains on country websites. In addition to sorting by price and date, customers can search number of stops, price, time of the flight, and airline. Its access to suppliers, simplified technological platform, and focus on aggressive growth contributed to the company’s transition from a startup to multinational enterprise.

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