Petar Ostojic

  • Current company Neptuno Pumps
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Infrastructure & Utilities

Neptuno Pumps is propelling the mining industry into a new era of water and energy efficiency. Based in northern Chile’s Atacama Desert, home to the world’s driest desert and largest copper mines, Neptuno has helped mining companies operate more sustainably in the most extreme climates for decades. The company engineers state-of-the-art, energy-efficient pumps capable of transporting water over longer distances and for longer durations than the competition. As the only local manufacturer of industrial centrifugal pumps in the Southern Cone, Neptuno controls 30% of the Chilean market and is well-positioned to meet the rest of Latin America’s growing demand for centrifugal pumps – a market expected to reach nearly US$2 billion in 2018.

News related to Petar Ostojic


Chile’s Neptuno Pumps, founded by Petar Ostojic, was awarded a Technical Innovation of the Year Award for designing new pumps

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