Periklis Venieris

  • Current company Green Cola
  • Location Greece
  • Industry Food & Beverage

Green Cola, an Athens-based beverage company is offering consumers a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks, made using 100% natural sources for sweeteners and caffeine. The company is exploiting an underserved market for healthier cola.

Involved in the cola industry since the start of his career, founder Periklis Venieris always had his sights on an entrepreneurial venture in the beverage market. Upon graduating from the University of Thessaloniki, Periklis spent several years as Sales Manager at the Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC), a Coca Cola subsidiary. In 2001 Coca Cola HBC appointed him Regional Director for much of Europe. While at Coca Cola, Periklis saw an opportunity to create beverages targeting a demographic that Coca Cola did not capture with its ingredients. During the financial crisis many bottlers like EPAP, a Greek bottling company, were left empty. In 2010, Periklis bought EPAP, and began producing private label beverages while he worked on the formula for Green Cola, which he released in 2012.

Green Cola offers health-conscious consumers premium, low calories, naturally caffeinated and sweetened beverages. The main product line tastes like original Coca Cola but is sweetened with natural ingredients. Green Cola’s products have coherent branding – clearly identifying them as natural, healthier alternatives to traditional colas.
Periklis’ industry know-how coupled with EPAP’s manufacturing infrastructure sets Green Cola apart from other carbonated beverage makers.

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