Selected 2011

Pedro Zarur Ménez

  • Current company Gruindag
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Agriculture

Founded by Pedro Zarur Ménez and Armando Tortoledo Uriarte, Gruindag is a Mexico-based company that develops and manufactures soil fumigants, fertilizers, microbicides, dispersants and other specialized chemical products for Mexico’s export-oriented farmers and treatment facilities.

Having watched his father start and grow an ice factory and bottling business, Pedo always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. After graduating with a degree in Accounting, Pedro started working for Buckman Laboratories. In 2002, he resigned, to follow his entrepreneurial passions. Meanwhile, Armando had graduated with a degree in Agricultural Sciences, and had managed Buckman’s agricultural project sales in Mexico. In 2004, the pair combined their industry expertise and formed Gruindag to address a market opportunity they felt Buckman was neglecting.

Gruindag was founded to undercut the bulk solutions of multinationals by working directly with customers. Pedro and Armando, committed to the execution of their business plan, perservered through two difficult years of set up. The company saw its first sales in 2005.

Originally two companies formed in parallel, Gruindag formed one company comprised of an Agricultural Division and an Industrial Division. The company’s engagement with clients consists of: 1) needs assessment; 2) customized solution; and 3) ongoing customer service. Their fertilizers are developed to take into account type of produce, soil salinity and weather variability.

With Pedro serving as CEO and Armando as President of the Agricultural Division, Gruindag profits from the entrepreneurs’ combined experience and is equipped to carve out greater market share in Mexico.

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