Paulino Decanini

  • Current company SiSNova
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Healthcare

From doctor to entrepreneur, Dr. Paulino Decanini has channeled his passion to improve Mexico’s health care system into an innovative company on the rise. Transparencia Médica is a low-cost, high-quality health care membership organization that caters to employers and employees who are dissatisfied with their current insurance policies – policies which leave 54% (US$27.1 billion) of all health care costs in Mexico to be paid out-of-pocket. With over 8,000 members to date, Paulino currently operates four clinics and will double this number by 2009. Driven by his conviction that all Mexicans deserve quality health care, Paulino’s company is already making headway into a US$50 billion market. Paulino was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in April 2008.

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