Paul Rivera

  • Current company Kalibrr
  • Location Philippines
  • Industry Education & Talent

Though the Philippines’ overall unemployment rate remains low (5.5%), young Filipino job seekers struggle to find jobs that match their interest, skills, and ambitions. As a result, nearly two million Filipinos leave their home country every year to search for work while those that stay behind often wait for over a year before landing a job. At the same time, employers have limited options for their recruitment needs in a market dominated by job listing sites that produce inaccurate and outdated results and headhunters that charge exorbitant professional fees. Kalibrr is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered recruitment platform that recommends and matches jobs to jobseekers based on their skills, experience, interests and behavior. With presence in the Philippines and Indonesia, Kalibrr aims to become the leader in AI-powered recruitment across South East Asia by 2020.

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