Selected 2012

Patricio Rojas

  • Current company Antara IT Mining Solutions
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Mobility & Supply Chain

Alfredo Gomez and Patricio Rojas are working to change the outdated tracking techniques employed by many Chilean mines. SCRUM provides mining companies with software to track the quality and locations of their products, from initial exploration to delivery at port.

As natives of Antofagasta, high school friends Alfredo and Patricio were drawn to careers in the mining industry. Patricio studied at Univerisdad Católica del Norte and worked as a software developer. Alfredo graduated from the Universidad de las Américas and was inspired to start his own company, NorteWeb, which developed websites. In conversations with Patricio, the idea of expanding beyond websites and into software development often arose. The two decided to join forces in 2002 to develop software solutions for the mining industry and re-launched Alfredo’s company as Sistemas Norteweb.

After a course of a couple years, they received several orders from mining companies in Antogasta. The most significant being BHP Billiton, the world’s largest mining company. Realizing there was demand for their products, in 2007, Alfredo and Patricio decided to produce a few key mining software products. They maintained ownership of Sistemas Nortweb, but founded SCRUM as a separate entity charged with creating a limited number of software products.

Today, SCRUM has two main products: ANTARA and MASKANA. Seamless updates and data sharing during exploration, production, and delivery allow SCRUM’s clients to increase productivity, minimize errors, and improve employee safety.

SCRUM’s regional and global first-mover advantage has helped the company secure contracts with the mining industry’s top players.

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