Patricio Jutard

  • Current company MURAL
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services is an online workspace for visual collaboration that helps teams work remotely on research, ideation and design. Murals are “whiteboards on steroids” that are live online. Our goal is to empower creative teams’ imagination by helping them work as if they were in the same space with playful and easy to use software.

It’s being used by more than 40k monthly active users, and has passed 240k registered users.

Based out of San Francisco with development in Buenos Aires. The company is funded by Intel Capital, Alta Ventures and NXTP Labs, amongst others.

Before, Mariano and Patricio founded Three Melons in 2005. At the time, the video game industry in Argentina was nascent. After raising financing, the duo created their first game connected to advertisers, an advergame. The launch of the company’s Indiana Jones LEGO game drew over 10 million users worldwide. Most of Three Melons’ games are web-based and generate revenue through in-game advertising and virtual goods. Over 800,000 people every day play Bola, the studio’s first social game, on Facebook and Orkut.

In March 2010, Three Melons was acquired by Playdom, one of the fastest-growing social gaming companies in Silicon Valley. In July 2010, the Walt Disney Company announced it had agreed to acquire Playdom for $763 million.

Endeavor mentored Mariano and Patricio as they sought funding for Three Melons. The capital Three Melons secured allowed it to develop and release new products, in turn growing its user base. In 2010, Endeavor’s Mentor Capital Program helped Three Melons prepare its pitch and negotiate its agreement for their acquisition by Playdom.

In addition to local needs assessments and the facilitation of case studies (University di Tella), the Entrepreneurs also benefited from an Ernst & Young fellow, the eMBA program, and Entrepreneur Summit.

The Entrepreneurs are frequent speakers for Endeavor and have participated in the Endeavor Argentina Gala.

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