Selected 2011

Patricio Catalán

  • Current company Innovex
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

In 2007, Patricio Catalan and Gonzalo Santamaria founded Innovex, a company dedicated to equipment and software development for fish farms. Innovex’s solutions optimize the efficacy and security of these farms. Since their visit to a 2011 ISP, Innovex has narrowed its product offering, increased its focus on generating recurring revenue by shifting their model from direct sale to rental, established a foothold in the Brazilian tilapia market, and begun to explore other verticals that depend on precise monitoring equipment.

Gonzalo and Patricio are marine biologists who met at the Universidad Austral de Chile. They pursued diplomas in business administration at UAC and their masters’ degrees in Spain. After several years of working in the agriculture industry, they overheard a manager of a cultivation center mention he had no way of monitoring the efficiency of his fish farms.

In 2006, Gonzalo, Patricio, and Gonzalo’s brother Pablo united to start their business. After several developments, they realized it was more profitable to produce high-tech sensors that separately monitor each variable, helping salmon farms minimize mortality rates and reduce losses.

Innovex’s technically skilled team and strategic location allow it to deliver personalized, high-tech solutions and 24-hour service response times at a much lower cost than international competitors. Innovex’s digital systems offer a massive improvement in efficiency and effectiveness. Further, client satisfaction has been extraordinary.

In a country that imports most of its technology, Patricio and Gonzalo’s success provides a model worth of admiration.

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