Pablo Arbelaez

  • Current company Vive Agro
  • Location Colombia
  • Industry Agriculture

Vive Agro is ready to bring immediate and direct sourcing delivery service to the food industry in Latin America. They offer clients washed, cut, and ready-to-use vegetables, helping restaurants reduce their costs by up to 22%. Meanwhile, the farmers who work with Vive Agro obtain better prices on their produce and receive best practices from Vive Agro’s agronomists.

Before leading Vive Agro as CEO, Juan graduated from Sciences-Po in France, working at the European Parliament, The Guardian newspaper, and a Colombian consulting firm, where he learned about international markets, public relations and strategy. Pablo, the company’s COO, studied Business Management before working with Colombia’s department of Agriculture.

Juan sought to transform the agricultural industry by connecting farmers with the food industry, and asked Pablo to co-found Vive Agro in 2011. The brothers raised money from a private equity fund to build a technologically advanced plant. The plant began functioning in 2012 and Pablo began recruiting farmers. They also began servicing certain restaurant chains.

Vive Agro’s produce reduces the costs and increases the efficiency of restaurants and the foodservice industry. With delivery every two days, the company also allows clients to optimize their inventory costs and free up to two thirds of refrigerated service space. The firm’s close relationship with its suppliers also allows it to build a reliable sourcing network and fixed annual prices. Further, by lowering costs for restaurants, Vive Agro raises farmers’ standards of living in a sustainable way.

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