Selected 2010

Oscar Fuenzalida

  • Current company Doggis
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Food & Beverage

Oscar Fuenzalida and Ricardo Duch were 23 years old when they built their first sandwich shop in a working class neighborhood of Santiago. More than 20 years later, the two have built the shop into one of Chile’s largest fast food chains: Doggis. So named because of the Chilean style hot dogs it serves, Doggis is one of the branded restaurants under the holding company Gastronomia y Negocios.

Neither Oscar nor Ricardo received a formal college education before launching what is now Chile’s largest fast food franchise. Oscar grew up in an agricultural province and earned a technical degree from IPEVE. Ricardo was from a working class family in Concepción and studied for one semester at INACAP. When the two met through family friends, they decided to go into business together. The inspiration for their first hot dog shop came from completes, a Chilean-style hot dog served with toppings like sauerkraut and avocado. The business was formalized in 1989, when the entrepreneurs built the first Doggis shop in the center of Santiago.

As a product, hot dogs are fairly simple and therefore replicable: a positive factor for a franchise. Doggis first established a brand image that was on par with other respected international franchises. After a trip to the US to observe international standards, the entrepreneurs opened a store in the upscale shopping mall Parque Arauco.

Having already achieved success in Chile with a highly replicable model, Doggis can now bring its inspirational story to entrepreneurs across Latin America.

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