Selected 2010

Oscar Carrillo

  • Current company Mex Q
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Manufacturing

One minute of lost productivity in a car factory can cost thousands of dollars. Enter MexQ. By acting as an outsourced supplier of quality assurance services, MexQ reduces the extent, duration, and likelihood of production line failures. Founded in 1999 by Oscar Carillo, MexQ services automotive giants such as General Motors, Nissan and Volkswagen.

Oscar hails from Aguascalientes. He worked as a Formula 2 racecar mechanic during his time at Instituto Tecnologico de Aguascalientes, and graduated with top honors as a mechanical engineer. Presented with a full scholarship to UC Berkeley, he opted for a more unique experience and travelled to Japan for a program at Yorozu. After, he began working at the company’s plant in Aguascalientes.

Oscar dreamed up MexQ after observing the quality control disconnect between manufacturers and suppliers. Whenever workers at Yorozu discovered defective parts, Oscar was forced to freeze the assembly line until representatives from the supplier arrived. These situations cost the manufacturers thousands per minute. In 1997 Oscar took action, gathering a group of quality inspectors. The service quickly gained ground, prompting Oscar to leave his career and formally launch MexQ in 1999.

MexQ’s big break came when Nissan Mexico hired the company to serve as the on-site representative for the majority of its auto part suppliers. That same year, MexQ became the first automotive industry quality control provider to receive ISO 9001 certification. It’s success relies on two main advantages: 1) longstanding relationships with automotive manufacturers and suppliers, and 2) expansive geographic reach.

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