Omar Ynzenga

  • Current company R5
  • Location Colombia

Over 80% of car owners do not have comprehensive car insurance because they can’t afford it, they don’t think it’s valuable or they simply don’t understand it. Comparamejor (CM) is a digital car insurance marketplace that enables its users to quote, buy and finance their policy in minutes. The first in Colombia to offer real-time quotes with all the nation’s insurers, CM also provides a financing solution to help more consumers afford insurance. Initially, the company’s main products are centered around the financial needs of used vehicle owners and include comprehensive auto insurance, mandatory accident coverage, and soon in-house insurance policy financing and auto loan origination. At the same time, CM uses data to help insurance companies profitably serve the growing digital channel.

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Endeavor Chile company ComparaOnline announced this September their acquisition of ComparaMejor, an Endeavor Colombia company. The acquisition is

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