Noureddine Tayebi

  • Current company Yassir Inc.
  • Location Tunisia
  • Industry Mobility & Supply Chain

Yassir is a Maghrebi built super app that aims to revolutionize mobility in French African countries by providing an ecosystem of services centered around ride hailing. Car ownership is less than 8% in French-speaking African countries, and public transportation is very limited, unreliable and unsafe. Regular taxi services don’t meet expectations either: random street pick up, unavailability during peak hours, and poor customer service make it ripe for the disruption that many markets have seen in recent years. Yassir targets 29 countries with a population of 430M. Currently actively operating in 3 countries (Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco), the company has recently launched a companion delivery platform. CEO Noureddine aims to develop a financial services platform atop Yassir to further address a 72% unbanked population. Currently, 20K drivers are supporting over 300K MAUs in over 20 cities.

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