Selected 2011

Noeli Bazanella

  • Current company Doce d'ocê
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Food & Beverage

Doce D’ocê entrepreneurs, Carlos and Noeli Bazanella, are a self-made couple from Brazil. Through the use of ultra-freezing technology and agreements with equipment suppliers, Doce D’ocê has helped boost the revenue of stores throughout southern Brazil. The baked goods market throughout the country is sizeable, and is growing every year.

Life has not always been easy for these entrepreneurs. They were born and raised in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul, receiving only a middle school education before dropping out to work for their families. They were really struggling, and Noeli began cooking pizzas, lasagnas, and cakes, which turned out to be a great success! Carlos took a United National course, where he studied entrepreneurship.

The courses completely changed the couple’s worldview and introduced them to innovative ultra-freezing techniques. They realized they had to be the first mover, and met an Italian company willing to export the necessary machinery to Brazil. The company officially launched in 2000.

After years of selling ultra-frozen goods, the duo realized they could add value at later stages of production by supplying their clients with the equipment necessary to rehear their frozen products.

Operating in a country where the annual per capita brad consumption is less than recommended by the WHO, there is great potential for Doce D’ocê to grow.

Carlos and Noeli’s story is nothing short of inspiring: the couple has shown that two driven entrepreneurs, regardless of their backgrounds, can take an idea and turn it into a multi-million dollar operation.

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