Nicolas Borda

  • Current company Groncol
  • Location Colombia
  • Industry Smart City

With only 5 square meters of green space per inhabitant, Bogotá is far from meeting the World Health Organization’s standard of 15 square meters per resident for a healthy urban environment. Groncol seeks to reverse this trend and transform Colombia by designing, producing, and installing green walls and rooftops made of real plants and vegetation. Operating in a global US$6 billion market for vegetated infrastructure products, Groncol has built the largest green wall in the country (360 square meters) and over 45,000 square meters of rooftops. It has added millions of dollars in economic value to its clients’ buildings, creating a measurable environmental impact with projects that compensate for CO2 emissions produced by thousands of individuals.

The company offers maintenance services, in addition to design, production, and installation, through its plant production company MetroVerde. By integrating its value chain, Groncol offers higher quality products 10% cheaper and 30% faster than its competitors. Since installing a green wall on the iconic façade of Bogotá’s B3 Hotel, Groncol has completed more than 120 projects. The company has twice broken the record for installing the largest green rooftop in Colombia (the second time breaking its own record). The team has secured a contract to build the largest green façade in the world.

The entrepreneurs were brought together by their shared passion for the opportunity that the green industry presents to solve some of Colombia’s most dire environmental and social problems. Their complementary backgrounds in architecture, project design, and business administration enables them to execute their vision, transforming landscapes and improving air quality.

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