Nicky Goulimis

  • Current company Nova Credit Inc.
  • Location Greece
  • Industry Fintech

With global immigration growing from 258M people in 2017 to over 400M by 2050, the challenge of financial access for people who move is on the rise. Immigrants struggle to rent apartments, open bank accounts, and finance cell phones because their credit history is not portable, so they are forced to start over with every international move. Nova Credit provides seamless access to international credit history, enabling immigrants in the United States (46M) to restart their lives in a better position, and unlocking new consumers for lenders and other financial institutions.To ease the burden of immigration, Nova Credit works with three of the top five global banks, the largest tenant screening platforms, the leading credit bureaus across the world (Experian, Equifax, Transunion, CRIF, Creditinfo, etc.), and a broad range of fintech players and credit unions.

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