Selected 1999

Nelson Duboscq

  • Current company Digital House
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Education & Talent

Nelson and Eduardo left their jobs to launch a venture that provides executive management education in the form of seminars, magazines, videos and conferences. The company develops and delivers management courses for elite multinationals and produces a three-day event, attracting 50,000+ executives each year. The company is a leader in its field, with a network of speakers including Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, and Bill Gates. The company has entered the Spanish and US markets, and continues to build a successful online presence. HSM runs the World Business Forum in New York City, attracting close to 5,000 business leaders every year.

Since selection by Endeavor, company revenues have grown by 397%.

The Entrepreneurs have benefited from local and global networking and introductions (leading to investment), and workshops.

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