Nadhir Ashafiq

  • Current company TheLorry
  • Location Malaysia
  • Industry Mobility & Supply Chain

Hi there. My name is Nadhir, an entrepreneur from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My love for entrepreneurship and finance began with an online pet website I got addicted to when I was 11 called Neopets.

I learned basic concepts of retail – how to buy inventories low and resell them at a profit on this website. It was Neopets too that taught me the fundamentals of stock market. As a 11 year old, I found it absolutely fascinating and went on to become a millionaire (in the game).

My love for finance drove me to complete my Master’s degree in Economics & Finance and went on to work for CIMB Investment Bank. They say you have to grab opportunities as they come along, and that was what I did when I jumped to a logistics company for a higher position in a regional logistics company.

I have since left the company and co-founded, a fast and easy way to book lorries, vans and 4×4 in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Being in a startup allows you to experience extreme emotional highs and lows – there are no dull moments. To see your product being used to solve problems of strangers whom you’ve never met – that is the ultimate form of satisfaction of running a startup.

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