Muhammad Yukka Harlanda

  • Current company Brodo
  • Location Indonesia
  • Industry Retail

Brodo is leading the Southeast Asian men’s footwear market by bringing innovation through technology, unique design, and leading customer experience. Brodo has made it its mission to improve the men’s shoe shopping experience, product quality, and selection in the region.

Yukka Harlanda is the founder of Brodo. He studied Civil Engineering at Bandung Institute of Technology. The creative and hands-on environment sparked Yukka’s interest in starting his own entrepreneurial venture. Yuka and his friend Uta decided to pursue a footwear venture and launched Brodo in Yukka’s dorm room, using his garage as a warehouse and “store”.

For the cofounders, Brodo was about creating stylish yet affordable shoes, a principle that remains with the company today. They soon decided to use spare materials and the same vendors as their shoes to manufacture new products. Brodo operates a “fast-fashion” model – the delivery of new designs quickly and in small batches – allowing it to manage inventory with efficiency. Brodo positioned itself at the forefront of the retail industry in Indonesia by focusing on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Yukka is a passionate and forward-thinking entrepreneur who sees where the future of retail is headed and wants Brodo to be the first across the finish line.

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