Mohammed AlAshmawi

  • Current company Classera
  • Location Saudi Arabia
  • Industry Education

Classera is Saudi Arabia’s leading e-learning platform that combines gamification and artificial intelligence to help schools digitize their education with a fun and competitive online learning environment. With more than 2 million page views and 320,000 questions answered daily, Classera was chosen by KSA’s Ministry of Education as the e-learning solution of choice to be implemented in all public schools. Schools license Classera’s platform to provide students with educational games that adapt in real time to their learning style. Accessed online or through the mobile app, the platform also integrates assessment tools, performance tracking systems, messaging and aspects of social networks, so that students can see how their progress compares to their peers. Classera users spend an average of 28 minutes on the site per day, which is higher than Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in KSA. Furthermore, Classera is the first school in Saudi with an education loyalty program that rewards students and teachers based on their performance through benefits and discounts at hotels, theme parks, sport clubs, restaurants, and local stores.

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