Mohammed Al-Shaker

  • Current company ArabiaWeather Inc.
  • Location Jordan
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

ArabiaWeather Inc. is the first local provider of on-demand Arabic weather forecasts for consumers and businesses in the Middle East and North Africa region. ArabiaWeather publishes five-day hourly to 14-day hyper-local forecasts in Arabic through web, mobile, and social media. Their forecasts not only benefit citizens, but also media, aviation, and oil and gas companies as changing weather conditions significantly impact profit margins.

Mohammed Al-Shaker, one of ArabiaWeather’s co-founders, has always been interested in meteorology. In high school he started JordanWeather.Jo, publishing weather forecasts for 25 locations within Jordan. He shot to fame when in 2008 he was the only Jordanian meteorologist to correctly predict a massive snowstorm. Supplementing his pharmacology degree, he earned a certificate in Advanced Forecasting and Aeronautical Aviation from the United Kingdom’s Meteorological Office College. In 2010, he expanded JordanWeather.Jo’s reach beyond Jordan’s borders, and rebranded it as ArabiaWeather.

With help from Yousef Wadi, a computer engineer, ArabiaWeather quickly achieved its satellite feed. The co-founders launched ArabiaWeather 2.0, which included a mobile app, weather-related lifestyle advice, and original content.

ArabiaWeather generates hyper-local, real-time weather forecasts in Arabic using proprietary weather algorithms, automated weather stations and satellite data. Its network of 200+ automated weather stations, the largest in the MENA region, coupled with regionally adapted algorithms enhance forecast accuracy and precision.

The entrepreneurs are pioneers not only in bringing the luxury of consistent, modern and on-demand multiplatform forecasts to the Arab world, but also in their efforts to accelerate Arabic digital content hosted in the MENA region.

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