Mohamed Abbas

  • Current company Matter
  • Location Egypt
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Before Matter, Egyptian companies hired international branding agencies to design a corporate identity. Their lack of specialized knowledge often led to discord between the company’s mission and products. Filling a gap in the MENA branding market, Matter was established in 2012. The company offers an end-to-end branding and workshops, which introduce branding to local startups. The company’s distinct methodology and experienced team have allowed it to win clients and deliver on projects.

The three entrepreneurs, Mohamed Abbas, Dina Aly, and Majd El Sherif, bring together complementary skills. Mohamed, the CEO, earned his Bachelor’s degree from the 6th of October University, while Dina graduated from the American University of Cairo at the top of her class with a Bachelor’s degree. Majd dedicated his studies to the arts, earning his Bachelor’s degree from the Fine Arts department at Helwan University. After university, all three joined some of the world’s top advertising companies, strengthening their technical, analytical, and conceptual skills.

In 2010, Abbas found an opportunity in the market to create a branding arm since no local entity was offering this type of service. He approached the two largest advertising agencies in Egypt to set up a branding division, successfully launching Matter with a notable firm. Majd and Dina joined him to manage the creative and business elements of the business, respectively. With a clear vision and desire to create their own culture and branding methodology, the entrepreneurs decided to split and become a local independent agency in May 2012.

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