Michael Jones

  • Current company Thrive Farmers
  • Location Atlanta
  • Industry Food & Beverage

The tired coffee supply chain is in need of a caffeine kick. Coffee and tea farmers have long been hindered by exploitative pricing, the unpredictability of commodity markets, and their distance from the end customer. The U.S. hot drinks market represents a $97B opportunity—one to which farmers can and should have access. Thrive Farmers is disrupting the traditional coffee and tea supply chain with an innovative revenue-sharing model that ties farmer payments to the end price paid by the customer, granting farmers higher incomes and greater stability. Founded in 2011, Thrive Farmers now works with over 1000 specialty coffee and tea farmers in 10 countries to bring sustainable, responsible coffee to the U.S with both B2B channels and a new retail concept. The company has also secured deals with large food and beverage corporations including Chick-fil-A, Jamba Juice, and Gordon Food Service.

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