Mauro Bono

  • Current company Savant Pharm
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Healthcare

Given the lack of innovation in Argentina’s pharmaceutical industry, Mauro Bono has the perfect prescription for his country – Savant. Savant manufactures and distributes a variety of pharmaceuticals, using an innovative manufacturing process that results in higher margins for pharmacists and more affordable drugs for end consumers. From its factory in the remote 2,500-person town of El Tío in central Argentina, Savant produces 120 million drug tablets annually for nearly 4,000 pharmacies in Argentina and exports to 16 countries.

Savant now sells over 200 different types of medications through three product lines, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and pharmacist recommended drugs. All prescriptions are produced from expired patents, which it sells to small and medium sized pharmacies across Argentina and throughout three other continents. With the latest pharmaceutical technologies, the company efficiently and cheaply manufactures both solid pills and liquid medications. It has over 100 active government certifications, one sixth of the Argentine market for ibuprofen, and a 15% market share of the most common household antibiotics.

By streamlining its production and cutting out the middlemen of large teams of sales representatives has allowed it to cut the average cost of its drugs by 15%-20%. After relocating its headquarters to Buenos Aires, Savant has focused primarily on diabetics and cardio-metabolic prescription drugs as part of its pivot towards pharmaceutical drugs.

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