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Mauricio Hoyos

  • Current company Puntored
  • Location Colombia
  • Industry Financial Services

Throughout Colombia, the under- and unbanked have few options for efficiently accessing financial services. Thanks to brothers Andrews Alban Holguin and Mauricio Holguin and their company Conexred, these citizens are now able to make financial transfers, purchase mobile minutes and access other services through its PuntoRed network. The company also gives Colombian microentrepreneurs the opportunity to supplement their income by placing terminals in local shops and sharing revenues with the proprietors.

Andres graduated from the Universidad de los Andes, and during this time founded two ventures. After receiving his MBA from the City University London, he worked as a software developer, before moving to Madrid. Mauricio graduated from the CESA and joined Conexred in 2009.

In 2003, Andres was eager to return to Colombia and start his own venture. During a trip to the U.S., he was inspired by a transaction platform for the payment of prepaid products. That same year, he returned to Colombia and founded Conexred. Mauricio supported the sales side of the company, working part time while finishing college.

The extensive reach of Conexred’s PuntoRed network has given thousands of Colombians access to essential mobile and financial services. The company partners with small shops and supermarket franchises to place the PuntoRed terminal in locations convenient for their target customers. Conexred has three main product lines: pre-paid services, financial services, and content products.

Andres and Mauricio understand that the strong network of relationships they created is the cornerstone of Conexred and continue to invest in its growth.

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