Matteo Lai

  • Current company Empatica
  • Location Italy
  • Industry Healthcare

Empatica builds wearable devices with clinical-quality sensing capabilities, targeting the neurological disease space with an initial focus on epilepsy. The company’s first product, the E4, is the world’s smallest and most accurate wearable research device meant to track daily human behavior. Empatica sells the E4 to a long list of top research institutions, including MIT, Harvard, Stanford, NASA, Microsoft Research, and a number of Pharma companies. The firm’s consumer-facing Embrace wristwatch is designed to save lives by notifying epilepsy sufferers and their caregivers of seizures via smartphone. Unlike competitors, Empatica not only builds the sensors but also develops the software and analyzes data in-house.

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Empatica, a wearable device company founded by Italian Endeavor Entrepreneur Matteo Lai, has received FDA clearance for its

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