Selected 2010

Matias Rozenfarb

  • Current company Keepcon
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Marketing

Many companies that are building online communities face a rising challenge: inappropriate user generated content (UGC), in the form of comments, images, or video, represents a major liability to their brand, and at worst, an impending lawsuit. Entrepreneur Matías Rozenfarb founded Keepcon in 2008 to provide companies with a cost-effective software solution to moderate the UGC on their websites.

Equal parts techie, manager, and salesman, Matías is a dynamic, young entrepreneur. Unconventional from the start, he finished his studied at the Instituto de Tecnologia ORT. He went on to work at Pragma, and he led consulting projects in Argentina and abroad and completed a Master’s in Strategic Management and Technology at ITBA.

Matías’ opportunity to start his own business was born on a sofa in Paris. Julio Guzman, a consultant from Argentina, was staying with a French couple who spent their day moderating UCG for a local digital newspaper. Struck by this inefficiency, Julio returned to Argentina and brainstormed IT solutions with Matías and Adrian Lisenberg, a fellow tech consultant. The three invested and launched Keepcon.

Matías believes Keepcon’s ability to process informal language text differentiates it from any global competitor. Its algorithms for semantic language processing enable Keepcon to analyze the most colloquial slang and informal syntax, which can be the hardest type to moderate.

Keepcon has generated quite a bit of international praise for such a young company. In 2009, the company won 1st place at La Red Innova, the most important startup competition in the Spanish-speaking world.

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