Matias Recchia

  • Current company IguanaFix
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Retail & Consumer Tech

IguanaFix provides businesses and individuals with on-demand home improvement service providers in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. Through its platform, users are matched with service providers and can easily schedule visits, compare prices, and make payments. Services range from plumbing and electrical work to painting and everything in between. Currently, IguanaFix has over 14,000 service providers in its network and delivers ~4,000 services per month. With its combined B2C and B2B model, IguanaFix also targets and has established relationships with large home improvement stores and retailers including EG, Whirlpool, Liverpool, and C&C amongst several others. With various partnerships in the final stages of negotiation and a robust B2C business, IguanaFix is ready to work its way deeper into the Latin American market one deal and one home at a time.

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