Selected 2010

Matheus Meirelles Damasceno Ferreira – Biruta

  • Current company Biruta Idéias Mirabolantes
  • Location Brazil

Just as irreverent as the founding of this company is its name: Birtua Mídias Mirabolantes (Nutty Crackpot Media). Biruta was founded in 2003 by partners Alan James, Rafael Liporace, Romulo Groisman, and Matheus Meirelles to turn “crazy” ideas into results, and today provides creative, unconventional below-the-line marketing solutions to clients such as Coca-Cola, Sony, and Nike. In a market rapidly adapting to changes in technology, communication channels, and consumer demographics, traditional brand-oriented above-the-line marketing is no longer the primary driver of consumer behavior. Marketing campaigns are moving away from mass media towards more targeted, consumer-centric marketing methods.

The personals tory of Alan James brought the four partners together. Born in the slums of Rio, Alan dropped out of school to work, but refused to let this impede him from having a successful career. He started an aerial marketing company called Biruta Propaganda Aerea, and became known for his creative style. He joined a business incubator in Rio and set up his “office”.

While at the incubator, Alan met his future partners. Rafael was working in technology, Romula in promotions, and Matheus was still a college student. When they discovered Alan’s project they all wanted to bet on the new venture, and in 2003 renamed it Biruta Midias Mirabolantes. The company has three lines: 1) campaigns 2) special projects and 3) shelf media.

The Biruta story is an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs in Rio and each partner is a role model in his own right.

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