Mateo Dornier

  • Current company Campo Vivo
  • Location Mexico

With the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides sprayed on produce, even the most nutritious fruits and vegetables can have negative effects on consumers’ health. Campo Vivo solves this problem by bringing high-quality certified organic produce and processed grocery goods to the Mexican consumer. The company sources, produces, and packages over 100 affordable certified organic products. With a commitment to offer farmers fair market prices and offer consumers high-quality, affordable, organic foods, Campo Vivo distributes the country’s largest selection of organic products to more than 800 supermarkets and coffee shops across Mexico, including Walmart and Starbucks outlets.

After years of working in the organics industry, Mateo sought to secure a fair market price for organic farmers. To ensure fair prices, he purchases producers’ total crop and uses the lower quality produce in beverages, purees, syrups, and oils. Over the next few years, Campo Vivo plans to accelerate new product development, introducing twenty new products a year. Mateo has his eye on additional big name clients and intends to sell his products in 50 additional specialty organic stores and supermarkets across Mexico. Mateo looks to generate over half of his projected growth by exporting to European markets in Germany and France.

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