Selected 2011

Martin Frascaroli

  • Current company Aivo
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

At the intersection of technology, linguistics, and marketing, Aivo develops virtual customer service agents that intelligently recognize, interpret, and respond to written client questions across diverse digital channels. AgentBot, Aivo’s chat-based virtual agent, differentiates itself with personality and strong linguistic ability in deciphering written Spanish across its regional complexity.

Born in Córdoba, Aivo’s founder Martín Frascaroli harbored a dream of owning his own business from an early age. In 2001, he opened an internet café to put himself through university, though not particularly fond of the classroom, Martin decided to embark on the entrepreneurial path full-time to found Aivo as an IT consulting firm.

In 2009, Martín stumbled upon a vendor request for proposal for an automated chat support agent. Aivo won the bid over Microsoft. He then negotiated a deal whereby Aivo would develop AgentBot and Microsoft offices would act as resellers for Aivo’s product.

Aivo’s virtual agents typically complement a company’s existing customer service infrastructure by serving as a first point of contact effective at providing basic information and touring inquiries to the appropriate people. As the first company to offer virtual agent technology that successfully supports Spanish, Aivo is uniquely positioned to take advantage of an inevitable trend in the customer service industry. Martín is sitting on the cusp of a customer service revolution.

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