Selected 2004

Maristela Mafei

  • Current company Máquina PR
  • Location Brazil

Like all good business journalists, Maristela moved with market trends. Then she swerved from tradition and decided to capitalize on one. Swapping hats from a hunter of information to a supplier of it, Maristela launched a public relations agency at a ripe moment in Brazil’s business history — just as a batch of state-controlled companies privatized. Grupo Máquina, her firm, set out to provide these new clients with unique communication management methodologies, results measuring, an extremely proactive approach, and business expertise and professionalism.

Endeavor continues to assist Maristela with management issues, and has helped her recruit a solid management team. Maristela has benefited from Endeavor’s eMBA program as well as mentorship on expansion. She demonstrates commitment by providing media connections and PR support for Endeavor Brazil.

News related to Maristela Mafei


Brazil’s Grupo Máquina, founded by Endeavor Entrepreneur Maristela Mafei, recently joined the Cohn & Wolfe brand after a majority acquisition.


For Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015, Endeavor is highlighting female entrepreneurs from across our network in Latin America and

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