Mario Flores

  • Current company Innovators Conveyor Belt
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Manufacturing

Conveyer belts are to mines what arteries are to the human body. As the main means of transport for minerals, losses of up to US$5 million per hour can be incurred when belts are deactivated for routine maintenance or replacement. Innovators reduces maintenance time for conveyer belts by minimizing the amount of equipment and personnel required in the process.

Founder Mario Flores received a degree from La Universidad Estatal de la Serena on a full scholarship. He began his career as an associate at Continental, the leading seller of conveyor belts, and worked his way up to General Manager of Northern Chile. After observing the inefficiencies of conveyer belt maintenance, Mario started to design a repair machine that would encourage mines to maintain their existing belts, rather than replacing them completely.

Mario left Continental in 2011 to start Innovators on his own. The method developed by Innovators Conveyor Belt turns the conventional repair process upside down – literally. Innovators’ staff cuts and replaces the belt from below, instead of above as is the standard, which reduces the amount of labor and resources needed, and delivers superior maintenance.

Mario has not only imparted his proprietary knowledge onto the design of Innovators’ machine, but has also passed his knowledge down to his talented maintenance team, who is sent to each client site to complete belt repair with the assistance of the Innovators machine.

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