Selected 2010

Mariano Elizari

  • Current company Smowtion
  • Location Argentina

In 2008, Andrews Alterini, Mariano Elizari, and Santiago Pinto Escalier founded Smowtion, an online display ad network that uses proprietary technology to connect advertisers to Internet users through its network of publishers. Ad networks allow publishers to monetize their sites by aggregating their ad space and selling it to advertisers. Smowtion differentiates itself with a unique value proposition: its network includes thousands of small sites and blogs.

Choosing to work instead of attending university, Andres founded his first company and then went on to work at Infobae, where he teamed up with the company’s IT Manager and co-founder, Mariano Elizari, to found a new company, Keggy. Mariano studied Engineering at the Universidad Tecnologica Nacional and was the Tech Manager of Banco Privado, a leading Argentine bank, where he built its entire home baking platform.

Keggy would become the launch pad for Smowtion. Before they built Smowtion, Andres and Mariano brought on a third partner. A seasoned angel investor and entrepreneur, Santiago Escalier has a degree and Masters from the University of Business and Social Sciences. He co-founded, the leading e-recruitment company in Latin America. Santiago met Andres and invested in Smowtion, becoming VP of Business Development. The three founded Smowtion in 2008.

Smowtion’s core function is to display personalized advertisements on its network. Its technology enables advertisers to deliver targeted ads using a combination of behavioral, contextual and creative optimization methods.

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