Mariana Dias

  • Current company Gupy
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Education & Talent

Gupy is an award-winning, fast-growing employability platform, leading HR’s digital transformation in Brazil. The company offers end-to-end recruitment, selection, and hiring compliance services within a single platform, leveraging artificial intelligence to match candidates with open positions with greater speed and precision. Its proprietary technology hosts the largest library of 5B+ Portuguese sentences and phrases, enabling Gupy to process 2M resumes in one second and reduce the time to close positions by 50%. Since 2019, Gupy has experienced 2.5x recurring revenue growth and 4x new vacancy listings at a <1% logo churn. Gupy has 720+ clients, 32M positions and 13M+ candidates. In 2020, the company raised $6.8M Series A-1 and launched its second product, Gupy Admission.

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