Marco Polo Bautista

  • Current company Game Planet
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Media

Game Planet offers the easiest and most seamless buying experience for customers in Mexico, who can select from thousands of new titles and consoles or trade in used-games.

A native of Mexico City, Marco Polo Bautista comes from humble beginnings. In 1988, when Polo was just 16, he and his brother became some of the first Mexican retailers of video games. By the mid-1990s, the brothers had expanded beyond the local bazaar with six locations, all under the brand Game Express.

In 2005, Game Planet began to establish its presence as a national leader by opening a distribution center in Toluca. Game Planet’s success attracted international attention; so far Polo has declined three acquisition offers, including two from GameStop, the world’s largest video game retailer.

Game Planet creates a seamless and complete retail experience for any gamer, novice or expert. This includes having locations in Mexico’s top malls, employing dedicated staff, offering specialty products like collector’s edition games, and providing the widest range of video games, consoles and accessories. The company is a retailer built by gamers for gamers and so it has invested heavily in developing software that complements a great in-store experience.

Endeavor Mexico is excited to nominate Polo, who serves as an inspiration for millions of aspiring entrepreneurs in Mexico who lack access to higher education or other essential resources from a young age.

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