Selected 2012

Marco Antonio Ferraz

  • Current company Agilis
  • Location Brazil

Britec is breaking new ground and offering innovative and sustainable solutions in mining, gravel crushing, and recycling. Despite being a cheap and common construction input, gravel can become a financial and logistical burden, especially if it needs to be transported over long distances. Founded in 2010 by Luis Noronha and Marco Ferraz, Britec is revolutionizing the gravel supply chain by offering a closed loop, on-site gravel solution that saves time and reduces costs. Britec uses mobile crushing units to turn construction debris into gravel and then sells that gravel back to the construction company.

After graduating from Universidade Politécnica in Pernambuco with a degree in civil engineering, Marco took over his father’s company, Constructure SAM, and transformed it into a successful company with a strong reputation. Luis studied law at Mackenzie University before receiving another degree in marketing. He then joined Brazil’s second largest cement producer. Seeing an opportunity to transform the gravel industry, Marco and Luis joined forces to found Britec.

The two decided to build Britec around the promise of mobile crushing. Investing their combined savings, Marcos and Luis purchased four mobile crusher plants. For most construction projects, demolition and excavation are through of separate from gravel production. The debris that results from the former must be transported out, and gravel must be transported in. Britec closes the loop and uses demolition or excavation rubble for gravel production. The company reduces the separate costs of demolition, rock clearance, gravel production, and gravel transportation to a single low cost.

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