Manuel Rozas

  • Current company Kura Biotech
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Healthcare

Kura Biotec manufacturers sustainably-sourced enzymes found in mollusk entrails that enable a faster, cleaner and more-precise way to conduct molecular diagnostics. The company uses cutting edge research techniques to equip diagnostic laboratories with abalone enzymes. These enzymes quickly and accurately quantify substances present in urine and blood, in both animals and humans, to perform drug screens and anti-doping controls. In addition to being an ‘all in one’ solution that can screen 33 compounds with one test, Kura enzymes operate in less than half the time of existing solutions in the market, and due to their high level of purity, allowing clients to gain up to 400% more time for diagnostics. In less than three years, Kura Biotec has achieved rapid international growth in 14 countries across four continents, which includes three of the top five diagnostic laboratories in the US that cater to the FBI and NIDA. But Founder, Manuel Rozas’ vision is set larger than drug testing: growing at the rate of 75% yearly, Kura Biotec hopes to optimize the entire US$8 billion molecular diagnostic industry including genetic testing for diseases and forensic science.

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