Selected 2012

Luis Martinez

  • Current company PROA
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Smart City

PROA is making sure the Mexican construction industry doesn’t collapse – literally. About 90% of construction projects in Mexico do not comply with international standards of safety and security. Through their comprehensive consulting, supply, and installation services, Luis Pernia and Luis Martinez hope to make Mexico’s buildings safer while seizing on a first-mover advantage in Latin America’s nascent security industry.

Pernia graduated from the Technological university of Monterrey, and created the idea of PROA while participating in an incubator program at the university. He and Martinez met at the university, where the two were classmates. Martinez was pursuing an engineering degree, and later earned his MBA from Texas State University.

While he was still a student, Pernia went to visit his father’s family in Spain, and was surprised to see the advanced safety systems in many homes. This inspired him to educate his market and work with architects and developers to create safety and security systems tailored to their products. In 2001, Martinez joined PROA on a full-time basis to help institutionalize the company.

PROA offers its clients an integrated service for all their safety and security needs. The company works with large developers and architects during the planning stage of a large construction project in order to make sure that international specifications for safety and security are part of the design.

Pernia and Martinez are entrepreneurs that give back. They are heavily involved in their own organization to create a safer and more accessible environment for all Mexicans.

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