Luis Garza Sada

  • Current company Kinedu
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Education

Families and corporations are seeing the advent of a new way to achieve work-life balance. ADVENIO corporate daycare centers help employers attract and retain talent by providing Mexico’s working parents with a high-quality, convenient day care option for children. It is the first company to provide on-site childcare for employees at employer-subsidized rates.

Luis Garza Sada and René Lankenau Haas, are both natives of Monterrey and family friends. After graduating from Stanford, Luis went to work for BCG and later completed his MBA at Harvard. René has an executive MBA from IPADE and worked at a major newspaper group. He later founded Altius, a non-profit that runs schools in Latin America.

Leading Altius, René became immersed in early childhood education, but felt the urge to start a for-profit venture. René pitched the idea for ADVENIO to corporations and was greeted with an overwhelmingly positive response. In 2010 he committed to the company, and Luis agreed to write up a business plan. After graduating from HBS, Luis joined ADVENIO.

ADVENIO provides parents a convenient alternative to the childcare provided by relatives or nannies. ADVENIO’s B2B model is unique in that the company markets directly to parents but secures contracts only with employers, who pay the full cost upfront and then pass on a subsidy to the employees.

ADVENIO takes great pride in its progressive HR policies and understands that strong HR strategy is the key to the company’s scalability. It offers professional development opportunities and encourages employees to pursue their goals.

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