Luis Ahumada Chamorro

  • Current company MEDIASTREAM
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Media

Mediastream, Luis Ahumada’s creation, is poised to become the leading online streaming platform provider in Latin America. Mediastream enables companies to keep up with consumer trends and broadcast content through any internet-connected device. They have built channels responsible for much of the online content streamed in Chile.

Luis has dedicated his life to helping develop the media industry in Chile. He has produced radio shows and focused his studies on audiovisual communication. At his job with Ibero-American Radio, Luis was quickly promoted to one of the company’s top positions. He left this position in 2005 to co-found a digital signage company, but still thought about creating a new venture that used digital innovation to solve media industry pain points.

He saw the opportunity to further modernize the media industry by building platforms through which content providers could satisfy modern, tech-enabled audiences. So, he founded Mediastream in 2007. The company began as an audio streaming service, but soon created platform for HD-video and live event streaming. The platform gained popularity by streaming important events like President Obama’s visit to Chile, and the rescue of 33 Chilean miners. By 2012 it introduced a standard platform as a service (PaaS) solution through which clients could easily publish their digital content.

Mediastream has 100% retention among Steammanager clients, users of the premium service. It has truly modernized Latin American media, and is leveraging technology to close the gap in Latin America between internet-enabled consumers, and old-fashioned media properties.

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