Lucia Iborra Broseta

  • Current company VisualNAcert
  • Location Spain
  • Industry Agriculture

Lucía Iborra is the cofounder and CEO of VisualNAcert. She and her sister Mercedes were born with green thumbs. For three generations their family has dedicated itself to the agricultural business as producers and exporters of fruits and vegetables. Given their first-hand knowledge of the sector, the Iborra sisters have always aspired to ignite a technological revolution in agribusiness. To that end, Lucía pursued a degree in Business Administration at EE Business School and just recently completed her MBA at Colombia University, while Mercedes opted for Agricultural Engineering at Universidad Politécnica of Valencia and got her Master’s in Fruticulture from Universidad Miguel Hernández. Their career paths never veered far from horticulture so that the two sisters amassed a combined 45 years of experience working for various agribusinesses before they teamed up in 2000 to found one of their own: Norma Agrícola Certification (NACert), a company specialized in agricultural accreditation. After ten years of growing the business, which took them to the foothills of the Andes, Lucía and Mercedes were selected to join the first StartUp Chile class in 2011 and even passed Endeavor Chile’s Local Selection Panel when they decided to pivot directions – back in the direction of their mother country and forward in the direction of modern technology.

About VisualNAcert

VisualNACert has developed an all-in-one farm management software powered by geospatial mapping intelligence that digitally visualizes land so as to better manage it. More than 2,500 users currently use Visual’s patented, cloud-based platform to oversee nearly two million acres of farmland. Aiming to become the Google Maps of agriculture, Visual has already opened offices and secured clients across Europe, Latin America, Australia and the U.S., with plans to further expand its footprint within the US$10 billion smart agriculture market.

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