Luca Rossettini

  • Current company D-Orbit
  • Location Italy
  • Industry Manufacturing

It’s time to make space for space travel. By the end of 2016, satellite operators and space agencies will have launched more than 6,000 satellites into space. With 11,000 new satellites expected to be launched in the next ten years, mounting orbital debris increases the risk of collision, which can be expensive for space business and detrimental to the success of future launches. Left to each operator and agency, removing and disposing of satellites results in an overall success rate of ~50%. D-Orbit is a satellite technology company that produces launching, decommissioning, and life extension devices to help satellite operators and agencies manage their satellite end of life. It’s first group of products focus on satellite removal, cutting decommissioning times from weeks or months to a matter of hours. Patent protected in 11 countries, D-Orbit is the only global provider of decommissioning solutions that fully meets international space debris regulations.

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