Luca Ravagnan

  • Current company WISE
  • Location Italy
  • Industry Healthcare

WISE is stretching innovation. Patients suffering from neurological pathologies from chronic pain to epilepsy often need electro-stimulation (for chronic pain treatment) and/or electro-monitoring (used intraoperatively during brain surgery). Such monitoring or stimulation is implemented through the application of neuro-leads or electrodes on the brain or spine. Today, neuro-leads available on the market are made with traditional electrical wires. WISE is a biomedical company producing electrodes for neuromodulation and neuromonitoring using a proprietary technology that enables inserting electronic microcircuits into biocompatible rubber (e.g. silicone). WISE developed the first stretchable, soft, and minimally invasive electrodes in the market and is on its way to commercialization and its mission to transform the neuro-electrode industry and its adjacencies.

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