Leonardo Gomilde Simão

  • Current company Em Transição
  • Location Brazil

The largest baby e-commerce retailer in South America, Bebê Store offers parents a unique online shopping experience by guaranteeing a wide selection of high quality products, terrific customer service, affordable shipping, and a flexible return policy. With industry leading revenues, customer service, and product selection, Bebê Store is on track to capture 10% of the total Brazilian market for baby products. With an average customer lifetime value twelve times greater than its average customer acquisition cost, Bebê Store has significant upside potential. Compared to competitors, it has a 60% to 200% larger average ticket size, boasts a wider range of products, and receives the fewest number of complaints. With its higher-end products and commitment to customer service, Bebê Store focuses on delighting, rather than just serving, its customers.

Bebê Store has one of the largest online communities of mothers in the world, with over 2.1 million fans on Facebook alone. Its loyal following can choose from five distinct platforms, each of which caters to a different age range or niche. Leonardo plans to solidify Bebê Store’s leadership by increasing the number of product categories and growing marketplace partnerships with major online retailers. The company has raised over US$15 million in Series A and Series B funding, and plans to raise an additional US$15 million to ensure its growth continues sustainably.

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