Selected 2009

Leo Prieto

  • Current company OddIndustries
  • Location Chile
  • Selected For Betazeta
  • Industry Retail & Consumer Tech

Led by serial tech entrepreneurs Leo and Francisco, Betazeta has all of the ingredients for success: the right leaders, the right industry, and the right time. Founded in Chile in 2008, Betazeta is a network of ten online vertical communities, including some of the biggest-name blogs in the Southern Cone.

Today, Betazeta’s network of blogs make up the second largest independent Internet community in Latin America. With a steady stream of online traffic and a pioneering interconnectivity among its content and classified sites, Leo and Francisco are well-positioned to tap into Latin America’s market for online advertising. As they succeed, these charismatic entrepreneurs will fulfill their potential as role models for Chile’s youth.

Leo and Francisco know the B to Zs of the Internet. Obsessed with technology since his father brought home a family computer, Leo started his first company at age 16. Leo worked on ImageMaker Studios, a web design company, throughout high school and college. After selling the company in 2004, Leo started another web development company, AardvarkLabs, and launched FayerWayer, a technology blog. FayerWayer grew into the most read blog in Latin America but Leo struggled to monetize his commodity. Enter fellow Chilean, Francisco Sandoval, a successful entrepreneur in his own right, with an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid and four start-ups under his belt- including a successful real estate fund and I2B Technologies, a web development company with over 45 employees. Francisco initially approached Leo in 2007 to help him create new and innovative services for I2B’s clients like Entel PCS (Vodafone), as well as secure new clients such as LAN Airlines. But once Francisco and Leo started working together, they realized that their talents and skills were complementary, and that as a team, they had long-term potential. Francisco offered business acumen and a track record of execution; Leo brought creativity and entrepreneurial energy, as well as national and regional recognition. In 2006, Chile’s largest national newspaper named Leo one of the country top 100 young leaders and, since FayerWayer’s success, he has become a reference point for technology in Latin America, oft-quoted in major news outlets like CNN, The New York Times, and Reuters.

The Entrepreneurs performed a business valuation through the Global G-Lab program, and have taken recommendations from the program and a Global Advisory Board member to scale their business model and raise capital for expansion.

Additional services have included an Ernst & Young Fellow (2009) and local mentorship with a McKinsey executive.

Leo, an icon in Chile, demonstrates commitment by actively participating in and speaking at Endeavor events.

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