Kirsty Chadwick

  • Current company The Training Room Online
  • Location South Africa
  • Industry Education & Talent

The Training Room Online (TTRO) is a digital learning design and development company that transforms clients’ employee training content into blended learning resources. TTRO uses various design strategies, including animation, to produce high-quality learning solutions customized to its clients’ needs.

The success of TTRO’s teaching method is attributed to the founder’s deep domain experience in education. Kristy Chadwick was born in New Zealand where she obtained a teaching diploma and became the youngest executive on the National Post-Primary Teachers Union. She later established the New Zealand Young Teachers Network to encourage young teachers to join and remain in the profession. In 2008 Kristy founded TTRO in order to leverage her experience in corporate training, her research in education technology, and her passion for teaching. The young company’s first product was an online prep-course for a new compulsory financial services regulator exam.

Due to the limited local talent pool, TTRO felt it could not meet its clients’ demands and pivoted its model from working with over 75 companies to narrowing its focus to six high-value clients. TTRO dedicated a team to each client to better manage its employee workflow and to foster strong strategic relationships. Over a quarter of TTRO’s staff comes from its competitors and clients. The company’s remote teams allows TTRO to entrench itself in clients’ operations to therefore become an integral part of the long-term strategy.

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